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I first came across it when I was working as a consultant studying consumer trends in the United States back in 2007. The idea of anybody being able to sell their handmade crafts online with a relatively small start up cost was really intriguing and appealing to me. Over the years I found myself constantly going back to Etsy to browse and check out items and draw inspiration for my work.

There are so many ways to generate money and take your digital art skills to the next level. In fact, you might be able to make more money than anyone else doing this, far more than you might make merely working at a corporation for a paycheck. Plus, you can work at of your home, choose your own hours, and pick and choose your clients. That’s nice, and it means no stress. If you don’t like the client, you don’t have to do their work, simply refer them to someone else and tell them you’re too busy.

Up to number 5, the sections should be no more than three pages long. Try to keep it short – one page for each section is best. This is a portfolio to showcase and focus on your art, not a catalog.

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While the company behind the aPad iRobot may be small, the aPad itself is BIG on features. Boasting expandable memory via MicroSD Flash cards and built in apps and videos, set up out of the box, to allow you to take your content with you anywhere you please. The aPad comes with a 7″ touch screen and runs Google Android OS. With a built in camera – something the iPad from Apple lacks – it offers video conferencing from the moment you open the box and power up the unit.

Mandalore is the homeworld of the Mandalorians, a tribe of warriors to which Jango and Boba Fett belong. In fact, the last bit of the trailer from yesterday deals mostly with Mandalorians. Mandalore being the scene of at least one episode, I expect that’s where we might be seeing a teenage Boba Fett. There were more than a few hints that Boba Fett will be on the show, including a piece of concept artist presented at the Star Wars Spectacular panel.

So how can you use lists to your advantage? A potter might write about Five things to know before you put your clay in the kiln and a digital artist might use a title that boasts Ten new techniques for creating texture in digital art.

I have produced as much as 7 articles in one day without sacrificing the quality of my work. You may be able to write as much as 10 a day on topics you’re very familiar with , if you put in a long day . You’ll need at least a half hour to an hour to produce a quality article . Some articles , such as digital painting and drawing, will take longer due to the complex art work involved . Remember , a smash -bang article can pay off in the long run , so don’t rue the time it took you to produce it .

So now you have passion and skills, what do you do with them to acquire your lucrative career? You use hard work and get past the gatekeepers. What do I mean by that? Gatekeepers are anyone standing in the way of you and your dreams. They are everywhere! Gatekeepers can be one secretary not making it easy for you to get an interview. Or a gatekeeper could be a company head not wanting you to advance for one reason or another. You can have a personal gatekeeper, yourself, that tells yourself you can’t do it, you are a quitter, etc. They are all over. But here’s a secret. There’s one thing that can take over any gatekeeper you may come along. Hard work and determination.