Vaporware: The Greatest Video Games Never Made

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So, what was my moment and how has color changed me? Well a few years ago, I and a friend of mine wanted to publish our own comic book. This project amounted to a lot of work and no published product. However, I did learn so much from the process. My friend was the writer and was going to do all the art work so I needed to learn how to color. I had no idea at the time how much I had to learn. There were so many fine comic book colorists doing some fine work that I looked to as examples. I guess I always took their work for granted.

You’re absolutely right. The thinking behind it was that I did not want to feel like I was dictating to the player. I like to create an environment for them to experience it any way they want to. Of course, we are storytellers and we are creating a narrative that needs to be followed. It’s not procedural, but I don’t want to command that the player feel a certain way. And that is actually something VERY difficult to do.

But as a digital artist who actually “enjoy” his work, I often have the unique opportunity to videotape people, places and things – with only a moment’s notice – just for the fun of it. This is just one case.

Creativity Key No7: Believe in your creative abilities. If deep down you don’t actually consider yourself creative at all, and that you “just got lucky” with a couple of projects, then this belief will put a straightjacket on all you create.

Something I should mention is both games only offer a couple hours of gameplay. Even on hard these games are not something you should expect to be spending a weekend just to finish. That being said it is worth it because these games offer an insane amount of Trophies/Achievements for beating the game under certain conditions. Even in-game awards for completing the Metro City Slums in five minutes or finishing a level in fewer than 18 continues. The in-game rewards unlock concept artist, comic pages, and more. All of this offers great re-playability which really matters with games so short.

As of the writing of this article there are three World of Warcraft myspace layouts available to use on the page. However the site owner says that they will be adding in throughout the month to where they will have the entire pack for the classes and professions. These are complete with network images and the contact table. If you like the three that are shown but the class, profession, or boss you’d like to see isn’t available, bookmark the site and check back often.

Not only do you get access to these wonderful brushes and pens, but you are get access to some splendid colors. When you use the drawing workspace, there are two ways to pick the colors you would like to work with. The color palette will give you a choice of 88 preset colors for you to pick. If that is not enough for you to choose from, then select the option to mix and match your colors for a broader spectrum. You will have more flexibility than ever imagined. Corel Painter Essentials 4 is all about digital painting. You will have more tools and enhancements to work with, so that you can get a real world painting experience on a computer instead of a canvas.

A client or industry list that shows off the people and companies you’ve worked with as well as where that work can be viewed (online or offline addresses). If the client has given permission, you can include a contact link so that the viewer of your portfolio can get in touch with the client for a referral.